Free City of Greyhawk

To the Temple (2 cessions)

The moat house was cleared of its hosts.
They are gathering forces to enter the temple.
They burn the northern guard tower to the ground.
Destroy one of the main doors and explore the place.

Arrival to Hommlet

They have rushed goblins to the sea and further.
through elven woods and gnome hills to the visconty of Verbobonc. To the Temple of elemental Evil.
Here, they have met Hommet’s people, and have started to explore the vicinity. They payed a visit to the moat house.

The Saerb mine (2 cessions)
Goblins for all

Lakou, Kratos and Willelm meet together at the top of the village of Saerl, at the golden oak inn.

They decide to investigate this recent goblin invasion in Greyhawk countryside.
Following upstream the Selintan river they first discover a goblins nest, that they clean up with local rustaus help.

Goblins seems to have takeover an iron mine at the Cairn Hills feet.

Our young heroes go further and after a one day travel they stay for the night in an abandoned hamlet near the mine entrance. At their awakening, mysterious red eyed ravens scrutinize them.


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